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Emergency Contact


Call us as soon as you discover the issue.  We'll get some info about the damage so we can start solving the problem quickly on the first trip to the property.  If you haven't already, we'll contact a plumber, roofer, etc. to correct the source of the problem fixed before we start the restoration process. (731) 513-5544

Inspection & Assessment


Then our team will come to your property to assess the damage that has occurred in the structure. We will inspect the affected areas and make a drying plan.  Then we will help you call the insurance carrier to open a claim.

Extraction & Removal


We will try to start the extraction process as soon as possible to minimize further damage that might occur to your structure. Whenever possible, that will happen during the first visit. Our powerful vacuums will remove excess water. Then we cut out wet building materials that we cannot salvage like drywall, carpet, laminate flooring, etc. This step is completed at this stage so the dehumidifiers can target the structure and durable materials.

Dehumidification & Drying


Once our team extracts visible water, we will begin the drying. A variety of buildings have a tenancy to retain water. Industrial-strength Air Movers & Dehumidifiers will eliminate moisture from the hard to reach areas. If necessary, we will open up the walls and take out wet insulation to prevent mold growth inside of the walls.



The last step is to rebuild your home.  You may only need minor repairs such as new drywall, paint, and flooring.  Other times, extensive repairs are required.  You can hire us or use a contractor that you already know.

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